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Passion for fashion is undeniably a powerful force behind the existence of this website; a same strong drive that had brought me to step into the world of fashion journalism prior to this website establishment – as well as being the natural energy for my every enthusiasm since a very little child toward sophisticated clothes, mix-match formulations, runway shows, fashion spreads or campaigns, and supermodels.

The gleaming face of fashion really does the magic for my eyes and fantasy; a thing – as I have been perceiving before and along my fashion journalistic journey and up until today – that unfortunately becomes an ironic curse for itself too. Its design eccentricity or its brand name, offered more than often as luxury (or at least much pricier than the ordinary),  is regarded by many people as irrational and unnecessary exaggeration of the everyday utility. Moreover, how it is presented through the glamorous and indulgence-oriented happening successfully stimulates people’s impression of its shallowness and superficiality. On top of these is its exclusivity manifests into by invitation only events, consisted of the star studded crowd to the A-class society, which cause those who is not part of them feel a kind of paranoia to be unwelcome or even depreciated inside or outside the realm.

Entering Indonesia fashion scene as an “outsider” (someone who did not purchase designer labels and had no prior connection to the respective community), by working as journalist at news website Liputan6.com and later Marie Claire Indonesia magazine, I must confess that those parts of fashion I have mentioned is not just a teenage fiction – though not happen universally. At times I found shocking price tags for standard designs celebrated in frivolous private occasion with guests wearing expensive attires hold glass of red wine and threw hostile stares or fake smiles; yet it does not cease my fascination for fashion. One reason of this might lies upon enigmatic mechanism hard-wired in the brain and genes that resulted in what so called biological predisposition or simply interest; but another factor concerns with more unfamiliar deeper sphere of fashion, that I explored thoroughly since starting my career as a fashion journalist and have been still exercising it until now, about which I am ethically enthralled to do elaborate examination and widespread conversation.

The latter is what substantially constitutes the origin of this website. Beneath fashion’s shimmering shades, the profound layer of it contains multidimensional discourses expanding from aesthetic element to various humanitarian aspects. Dialectic of ideologies and counter-ideologies in historical, cultural, social, political, economic, environmental, legal, scientific, technological, and the rest contexts of civilization on identity, gender, sexuality, relation, power, freedom, morality, beauty, welfare, and all other issues is manifested into diverse genre of styles and designs which does not only characterize its wearers and the designers but also emphasize the on going evolutionary or revolutionary discussion of human understanding of life. The change inside our wardrobe reflects what changes in our world of humanity. To recognize fashion critically and radically is to uncover its significance on improvement toward what we conceive as ideal. This website is build to express that thesis and I hope it could function well to achieve the aim without losing the allure of fashion itself.

I believe, on account of viewing Indonesia fashion industry, that fashion creativity with its all messages of inspirations and idealizations is produced by creative people throughout the earth. In this beneficial era of high communication technology in which information can be transmitted fast and vastly, I sadly see how global citizens lack the coverage of those fashion treasures scattered around the world. For me, having more diverse selections of fashion artistry means having more opportunity to enrich the mindscape with not only various aesthetic enjoyment but also intellectual provocations which in turn will stimulate a reflective thinking process about every emerged topic. Recognizing fashion worldwide is a way for it. Accordingly, I hope this website can be a resourceful and credible choice for those who want to explore fashion beyond the major reportage on creativity circulated within the established international fashion stage or even simultaneously cultivate cross-border inspirations for fashion creative figures across the continents.

After all, welcome and wishing you rewarded time here 🙂 .