Greta Constantine Resort 2020: Juxtaposing The Simple and The Grand

Before grabbing the pieces of Greta Constantine Resort 2020 for a party in the midst of holiday, the potential wearer must be struck by the lexical discourse stimulated by the collection: it deconstruct the association between “monochrome” and “monotone”. It’s loud and lively! At the same time interestingly it carries the sense of grace and understated elegance too, which successfully prevent the pieces to sound noisy.

All are resulted from the juxtaposing approach taken by the Toronto-based creative duo behind this label through which the contemporary sleek cut is seamed with classic and feminine ruffles and frills. In the shape of cocoon yellow dress, green midi dress, slouchy jumpsuit, and ruffle gown, Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong’s works present an intriguing wedlock between the simple, the vibrant, and the grand.

As much as the festive spirit of this collection spread the Jamaican rhythm as the inspiration, its overall nuance goes beyond the Caribbean territory from which the duo designers originated. They belong to the global urban landscape of today.

Pics: Courtesy of Greta Constantine

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